rmt_green368rgb w tagThe use of Massage has been around for thousands of years in one form or another and by people in every part of the world.  Today and here in Ontario it is a regulated healthcare profession requiring 2200 hours of education just to qualify for practice.   Then there is continuous improvement and the additional skills or techniques which most RMTs add to their tool box.  This is all for helping people with their soft tissue health and function.  Soft tissues of the body include muscle, ligaments, tendons, all the connective tissues from the skin to bone, including some organs.  A massage therapist can affect the function and health of all these when necessary and required.

Below are several conditions or situations where my style of massage is applied.

Postural Imbalances – Typically these conditions have a known cause and manifest with joint and muscle pain which limits function and activities of daily living. The treatment varies depending on where the issue is and how long it has been affecting the person. Goals would be to lengthen short tights muscles and to shorten and strengthen long muscles.  Good therapy is building a plan that address causality and then a prevention strategy for improvement to the imbalance.

Arthritis – This disease is a very common thing in people and how it affects them can be from mildly annoying pain to totally debilitating. Massage therapy treats it both systematically and specifically as in working on the joints which have it and the whole body in the way those problem areas affects it. Typically the methods of treatment are focused on improving and maintaining ranges of motion while strengthening supporting muscle and soft tissues.

Pain Management – Living with pain is a very difficult thing for people and the causes of it can be so varied. Every person who comes for massage for pain will be treated on an individual basis as no two people will feel pain the same way. A wide variety of tools and techniques are available to the massage therapist to reduce pain, which ones work best for a given situation also must change as results are perused.

Pre Joint Surgery – This situation is one which a person takes a proactive approach to placing the distressed joint into the healthiest state it can be in prior to surgery. This will yield an increase in tissue mobility around the joint and better vascular tissues for repair and remodeling post surgery.

Post Joint Surgery – These types of treatments are the typical multi team approach used to rehabilitate a joint and return the limb to functional abilities. Massage plays a role of addressing the soft tissue and range of motion deficits which need to be overcome to get back to a functionally adequate level.

Wellness – Wellness is a physical state which the body has, where all the parts are working well together. It comes from an awareness of how you feel and move. Where massage can help is in holistically addressing tone and tension which is being retained in the body.  Which if left to grow may impact function and balance. This diminished wellness can be the result of stress, life events, or work related conditions.